Ok, so you’ve just found out your going to be parents!! Woosh! queue an immense surge of emotions, planning, excitement and… morning sickness!!

However, once all that initial hullabaloo has calmed down ( approx just after your 12 week scan) its probably no harm to start looking at whats out there, and get an idea for what kind of wheels you want  for this “baby in a golden carriage”.


There’s a lot of choice these days, and sure enough the minute you start googling you will be bamboozled with suggestions, advice from friends, must have’s and  definitely do not’s! However what may work for one does not necessarily work for another.

Having the internet at your fingertips opens up a world of forums and chat rooms where you can discuss with other mums what they have and how they have found it, but it is extremely important you chose your travel system to suit your life style…. ie..a light stroller suitable from birth that takes a car seat definitely will not suit you if your going to be trekking up GAA fields at the weekends to watch the other half play his match!

Things to consider:

Rural or Urban Living…..

If you are living in the countryside then it is advisable to chose a solid stroller with good suspension and also pneumatic or EVA foam wheels.  This will make for a much more comfortable ride while walking country roads or taking a walk on the beach or in the woods. A  stroller like the Out n About Nipper, UPPAbaby Vista,  and Quinny Buzz all tick these boxes extremely well!

nipper carnival red

Urban living however demands a system that may be a little bit more compact.  The iCandy Strawberry, Silver Cross Wayfarer or Baby Elegance Mist suit “Life on The Go” very well!


Your Growing Family…..

One of the many questions I ask a couple when looking to purchase their travel system is “How do you see your family growing?”   I am often met with very haunted faces!! LOL! However it is important to have a little think about this question.  There are a lot of systems now that offer fantastic value for money by offering a superb single system that can double up to take a 2nd child down the line.

These are currently our most popular systems with most families choosing a buggy that will grow with them through the years.

The iCandy Peach & Apple to Pear, The UPPAbaby Vista, and the Baby Elegance Cúpla all offer this function with many more coming on stream in 2017!!

peach double


You may feel pressurized to “keep up with the jones’s” with their high end buggy, but there is no need to break the bank on a system you cant afford as there are fabulous brands out there that off superb systems that don’t break the bank! The Baby Elegnace Mist is a fine example of this.  It offers all the basics of a travel system in one package for only €399!

It is always an option with us at Tiny Toes to lay your system away on deposit and pay for it in installments, so you need not feel the pinch too hard…

Watch out as well for loyalty schemes that reward the customer for everything they buy.  Buying in one store lets you plan and organise everything bit by bit with expertise help who knows what you already have and what you do and do not need.


With all the research you can do online, you absolutely cannot beat calling in store and having a full and informative demonstration of various systems.  As I said what may be recommended by a friend may not necessarily suit you and you really do need to meet someone who knows these systems and can advise you what best suit your needs!!


We here at Tiny Toes are all parents and always have friendly helpful staff to advise you on your journey as new parents!! Happy Shopping!!!