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Why Do I Need A Changing Bag?

Buggy…Check!  Cot…Check! Steraliser…Check!…Bath…Check!…The list is endless!   So its no wonder many of us push our changing bag to the bottom of the list of baby essentials.  However, it may be worth considering that this menial purchase is probably going to be attached to your arm daily for the next three years… minimum!!   So you know that gorgeous Orla Kiely bag you got for Christmas last year?….. or that divine Mulberry you’ve been lusting after???? Forget them!! LOL!  Your handbag will now become your changing bag… no point in carrying two bags, and poopy nappys and mushed up rusks don’t really go well with Gucci!

Where Do I Start?

So… what do you need from your changing bag?  Everyone is different but the basics are…. changing mat, insulated bottle holder, plenty of pockets! and stroller clips are very handy so as to stop your bag sliding all over the place!

How Much Should I Budget?

There’s so much to choose from, and price can vary…. alot!!!  You don’t need to spend a fortune, yes genuine leather with diamanté detailing is very chic but is it practical??  There are a lot of brands offering quality changing bags now with gorgeous designs to choose from, practical wipe clean fabrics and ticking all the necessary requirements you’ll need for daily use with your little one.

Storksak are one of the leading changing bags on the market today, with their little sister brand Babymel following close behind.  These brands have proved their value from investment style bags that will serve you over these years of your growing family to practical back packs for a hands free experience for on the go mums!

Whats Hot Right Now?

We have recently acquired they much sought after “Yummy Mummy” Pink Lining changing bags, and are so excited about the new addition to our vast collection of bags!  These bags are exactly what they say they are… very Yummy Mummy!! Their designs are unique and fun, not compromising on style when combining superb function!  With the wipe clean canvas of the bag, integrated insulated bottle holder, stylish changing mat, numerous pockets, waterproof internal fabrics, clips so as not to loose your keys…. it even has a lil mirror so you  can easily fix your lippy on the go!!!!!


standard-feature             But What About The Dads?

Oh we can’t forget the Dads!! Nowadays, with more and more men staying at home while mum goes out to work, not many men want a Yummy Mummy Bag!   Don’t despair! There’s plenty to offer our Dedicated Daddies Too!!!  A lot of buggy brands like , UPPAbaby, Silver Cross, iCandy, all do matching changing bags to their strollers that are very “Daddyesque!”  This Bag From UPPAbaby is a prime example of a simple, gender neutral and practical bag any man would be happy to carry

UPPABABY CHANGING BAG TAYLOR                 jj-cole-metra-diaper-bag-crimson-arbor-58         baby polar back pack

With all these fantastic bags on offer now, we have no reason to compromise on style for fantastic function!!! Happy Shopping!!!