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Carrying a baby in a baby carrier is surely one of the oldest methods of transporting infants. It is a common sight in various cultures and societies all over the world. For a very long time, our Western society was the exception to the rule, but fortunately times are changing. The baby carrier is becoming a much more common sight in the streets today. Soft Jersey Carrier designed to stimulate the hipdevelopment, because the baby is assuming the most natural position. Carrying your baby means he can smell feel hear and touch you, which helps build the bond between parent and child. Helps relieve baby cramps and reflux, by carrying the baby in the feotal posistion with legs pulled up with the movements he feels in the carrierwill stimulate the digestive system thus helping relive cramps. Carrying a baby with reflux in an upright position means they have more hope of holding down their feeds Soft carriers are ideal for carrying out your daily routine while keeping baby close and happy.This is of huge advantage around the home if you have smaller children demanding your attention. Suitable for use up to 18kgs mean you can carry your toddler in the hip position or on your back. The By Kay Carrier is a huge advantage to breastfeeding mothers. By carrying your baby it stimulates the release of milk, thus making breast feeding and baby carrying an ideal combination.?It is very easy to discreetly feed your baby in the By Kay carrier in the feotal or BBLO position you can offer either breast comfortably and discretly while keeping your hands free!

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Weight 2 kg

Antracite, Black, Grey Melee, Red


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